du Fermier Restaurant Review – Good Food

Du Fermier's dining room features an open fireplace. Photo: Simon Schluter

Du Fermier’s dining room features an open fireplace. Photo: Simon Schluter

โ€œDu Fermier takes quite a risk running such a pared back non-menu, but it doesn’t falter. It’s the added extras that help – the warm plates, the warm staff – but it’s the palpable connection with the kitchen that makes dinner here so memorableโ€Larissa Dubecki, Good Food

It was a dark and stormy night. No, truly. Rain lashing, wind howling, central Victoria buffeted by all the elements that make it a hundredfold more challenging in winter. But it turns out Du Fermier has its own microclimate. The open fire helps, but this singular little restaurant glows with the warmth of genuine hospitality and real, honest-to-god cooking steeped in the culinary certainties of yesteryear.

Maybe I should spell it out: Du Fermier is my latest food crush. It’s almost rudely simple. So simple there’s no menu. Yet I can’t imagine going home dissatisfied with whatever turns up for this French farmhouse-style dinner, made on the run from whatever’s good that day and served up to the table as a shareable feast. Value, you ask? Three courses for $55. Boom. Right out of the park.

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