I’ve been travelling around Regional Victoria a fair bit over the past 12 months – from Gippsland to Rutherglen to Halls Gap to Lorne to Ballarat and beyond, and two things have struck me; firstly, we’re incredibly fortunate that no matter which direction we point our car in, we’ll wind up in a pretty marvellous place, and secondly, that out of all the places you can drive in the direction of, Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges region is my favourite.


I said it.

My favourite.

Out of all the places in Regional Victoria.

Of which there are many.

And they’re all wonderful.

But Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges are…bloody unbeatable.

There’s the obvious natural beauty the region offers, the seasonal array of activities, festivals and events, the food, the coffee, the wine, the people, the art, the food, the history, the spas…did I mention the food?

So where to go? Where to eat? Where to stay?

Stick with me, mates. I’ve got you covered.

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