“We want to make it a place where people are proud and happy to actually come”

Photo credit: Julie Hough

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LOCAL business operators Chris Malden and Wayne Cross are the new lessees of the Boat House Cafe on the shore of Lake Daylesford.

Hepburn Shire Council granted Mr Cross and Mr Malden the lease at the last council meeting.

The Boat House burnt down in December 2012, but is now nearing the final stages of a rebuild.

Both Mr Cross and Mr Malden can’t wait to establish the new business.

‘‘We want to make it a place where people are proud and happy to actually come,’’ they said.

‘‘The cafe needs to be a place for everyone.’’

Mr Cross said: ‘‘We really want to make sure locals are welcome here.’’

Plans include a separate take-away section to allow visitors to buy their food and eat around the lake.

Improving the cafe’s service is also high on the agenda.

‘‘The lake is used at all times of the day by many users and we want to accommodate them,’’ Mr Cross said.

‘‘So when you are walking around the lake people can drop into the cafe afterwards for a coffee.’’

The pair will be employing up to 12 staff as the business grows, allowing for the present staff members in their other businesses to gain more skills.

‘‘In hospitality you can get bored too easily and if our employees can have more variety they are more likely to stay, rather than continually train people,’’ they said.

They hope to finalise by the end of October.