Daisy Dining

Located in DAYLESFORD –

Daisy Dining is a little kitchen tucked away from the main streets of Daylesford offering both locals and tourists that chance to enjoy local delight delivered to their doors.

You can order from Daisy’s ‘Taking it Away’ Menu on a daily basis and have beautiful home cooked meals prepared fresh for you ready to reheat after a long day of shopping, sightseeing or working.

At Daisy Dining there are a mixture of menus and catering styles, which allow for flexible catering styles and a customised menu to suit your requirement should you wish full catering for your holiday or weekend away.

Daisy Dining also offers a concierge menu with homemade brunch items in which you can order and she will deliver to your door. In addition, there are menus offering private dining options in which Miss Daisy will come to your house or holiday rental and set up a restaurant environment for you and provide you with a full dining experience.

Daisy Dining is passionate about food, working very closely with regional suppliers, and loves to see how and where the produce is grown and/or raised. Everything is homemade: from the stock to the crème anglaise, and Daisy is always happy to discuss dietary requirements and suggestions for new dishes.

The Daisy Dining kitchen is like a little secret of Daylesford that is slowly getting out. So, when are you going to discover the Daisy’s ‘Taking it Away’ menu and have something truly local, ethical and homemade delivered to your door?

Looking for something truly special and really love your food, Miss Daisy also offers a series of dining experiences including a traditional dinner party, cooking with Daisy and exclusively to Daisy Dining, Dining with a Produce. This is the ultimate dining experience, so please contact me for further information.

How to order
Visit the Daisy Dining website for menus daisydiningdaylesford.com.au or email: rachel@daisydining.com.au or if your tummy is need attention urgently you can call on 0412 199 526.


0412 199 526






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11am – 6pm Midweek Special
Tuesday, Wednesday
11am – 6pm
11am – 6pm Midweek Special
Friday and Saturday
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